About Us
One Deen SL Ltd is a registered Islamic Organization body aiming to develop creative and impactful ideas especially for our Muslim communities in Sierra Leone and West Africa.
Our Mission
Our mission is to build and invest in meaningful and impactful initiatives for our Muslim communities
Our Vision
Our vision is to create a beautiful ecosystem for our Muslim communities to conveniently practice and enjoy their Deen and that they are exposed to all standards of living as Muslims.
Our Sectors
1. Islamic Events/Programmes
2. Islamic Media
3. IT Services for Muslims
4. Islamic Research
5. Education
6. Dawah

Our Sub Organizations

One Deen SL Ltd is divided into different sectors and subsidiaries, all of which focuses on one or more particular initiative depending on the scale and size, all of which has their own Managing Directors and team members.

Our Events & Activities

We have various annual Islamic Events

Our Successful Projects and Programmes

Alhamdulillah for over 5 years, we have successfully undertaken various projects and programmes and impacted lot of people.


Years of active Service in the Deen


Total Islamic Events Organised


Total Event Attendees


Total visitors on the "SL Islamic Web" & App


Free Islamic Calendars Distributed.

Doing Dawah in Africa is Challenging.

One Deen Foundation would like to bring positive change to communities in Sierra Leone through its excellent and ever-growing initiatives, projects and events; We need funding to invest it into worthy ventures that could continuously generate income for our work and reduce our so much expenses.

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