1️. REGIONAL DIRECTORS (For South, North & East Provinces Separately)

Basic Duties:

  1. To head and serve as the Regional Representative for One Deen SL Ltd and its subsidiaries in their respective regions.
  2. To help setup and launch One Deen SL Ltd in their respective regions.
  3. To Manage, implement and facilitate all activities of One Deen SL Ltd in their respective regions.
  4. To Work, manage, and support closely the Regional Coordinators in their specific subsidiary activities.
  5. To Monitor and Represent all Islamic activities and interests on behalf of One Deen SL Ltd in their regions.
  6. To lead in Islamic Research works for One Deen and ensure all activities and plans of One Deen for that region are being successfully implemented and monitored as per the Regional workplan created and approved.
  7. To consult and work closely with the Islamic Affairs Director, especially in all Islamic-related matters.
  8. Setup a small committee of additional volunteers for organizing One Deen-related event in the provinces.
  9. To work closely with Subsidiary Managing Director.
  10. To report to the CEO of One Deen SL Ltd.

2️. REGIONAL SECRETARIES (For South, North & East Provinces Separately)

Basic Duties:

  1. To attend Regional Executive and Management Committee Meetings.
  2. To attend other meetings as requested by the Regional Director.
  3. To take minutes at Regional meetings and distribute them accordingly.
  4. To handle correspondence of Regional business as assigned by the Regional Director.
  5. To act as the executive liaison to other Regional Coordinators as assigned by the Regional Director.
  6. To perform other responsibilities assigned by the Regional Director.
  7. Work closely with the Regional Director and Regional Coordinators to ensure the activities of One Deen in that region are being fulfilled.
  8. Report to the Regional Director.

3️. REGIONAL COORDINATORS (For South, North & East Provinces)

(SLMGT Cord, SLIWEB Cord, NEF Cord)

Basic Duties:

  1. To primarily focus on the implementation of all activities, projects, and programs under their Subsidiary for their respective regions.
  2. Work closely with the Subsidiary’s Managing Director in Freetown.
  3. Report to the Regional Director and fulfil all activities, especially based on the regional workplan approved.


Deadline: June 30, 2022

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